A really nostalgic and wonderful performance by Douglas Lim during The Bromance of The Four Kingdoms in Penang PAC in 2013. I waited 1 year to upload this so it won't ruin any of his performance for the year. I edited this with pictures and lyrics taken from Google Images and they do not belong to me any form what so ever. I just wanted to share the awesomeness that is Douglas Lim, a member of the MACC(Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians) and the great performance by his friends. I hope I won't offend anyone with this. I meant no disrespect to all my Korean friends or Samsung/LG Users...I use a Galaxy SII myself lol. If required I will take this down. It's all comedy, if you don't like it, please do not watch this. If you like it, just share the laughter and awesomeness that is Douglas Lim! Catch their shows in KL!

Channel: Malaysia News

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