Malaysia invites witch doctors help 'locate' the missing Malaysia Airlines jet, while Chinese ambassador expresses hope for "best solution". Full Story: As the search for a jetliner that mysteriously vanished continued on Wednesday, Malaysian authorities invited a well-known witch doctor to perform a ritual to 'call back' the flight. In the Kuala Lumpur international Airport (KLIA), a Malaysian shaman, Ibrahim Mat Zin, performed a ritual using a fish hook and bamboo binoculars to 'locate' the missing plane. This is the second time Ibrahim, known as Raja Bomoh Sedunia Nujum VIP, which means: "Shaman King, the VIP of the world's fortune-telling" in Bahasa Malaysia, did the ritual in the airport. He was quoted by local media two days ago as saying it's a "promising" way to bring something back. Ibrahim told Malaysian state news agency Bernama that his vision turned black and he believed the plane was either still in the air or had crashed in the sea. The search for the Boeing 777-200 aircraft has now expanded to a land and sea area stretching from China to the Andaman Sea, Malaysia's west coast, as Malaysian authorities said the aircraft may have made a "turnback". A senior military officer who had been briefed on the investigation told Reuters that the aircraft had made a detour to the west after communications with civilian authorities ended. Vietnam briefly scaled down search operations in waters off its southern coast, saying it was receiving scant and confusing information from Malaysia. So far, no trace of the flight carrying 239 passengers has been found after it disappeared from the radar screen early Saturday. The lack of progress in the massive search operation has fueled frustrations among the passengers' families, some of whom are now staying in hotels close to the Kuala Lumpur airport. China's ambassador to Malaysia, Huang Huikang, said China is contributing to the search and still holding out hope. "The Chinese government also sent about 10 vessels including Navy vessels and professional rescue vessels to join this rescue operation. I do believe with joint international efforts led by the Malaysia government, we may find the best solution," said Huang, who met with the president of Malaysia's parliament in Kuala Lumpur. China has deployed 10 satellites with high-resolution earth imaging capabilities, visible light imaging and other technologies to support the search operations. For more news and videos visit ☛ Follow us on Twitter ☛ Add us on Facebook ☛

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