Welcome to the ultimate EXCLUSIVE and UNCENSORED re-invention of the the movie set visit. Join NO GOOD TV host CARRIE KEAGAN as she takes you DEEP INSIDE FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER part 2!!! Carrie visits the Vancouver set of one of the years most anticipated sequels and hangs with the cast. Join cast members JESSICA ALBA, CHRIS EVANS, IOAN GRUFFUDD, MICHAEL CHIKLIS and JULIAN McMAHON as they let loose and reveal the antics and craziness on the set. NO GOOD TV goes so DEEP INSIDE they can feel a tickle in their throat. While Reed Richards and Susan Storm are preparing to get married, a mysterious freezing phenomenon happens in a bay in Japan and in Egypt. The arrogant General Hager meets Dr. Richards and he prepares a sensor to locate the source, and along his wedding, they disclose that the responsible is the alien Silver Surfer. The despicable Victor Von Doom joins Dr. Richards, Susan, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm providing information about the Silver Surfer, and Dr. Richards develops a device to separate the Surfer from his board and source of power. Susan makes contact with the Silver Surfer and he reveals that his leader, the planet devourer Galactus, is following the beacon in his board and will destroy Earth. When Victor discloses his real evil intention, the Fantastic Four joins to the Silver Surfer to save Earth from the destruction. The film also features KERRY WASHINGTON, ANDRE BRAUGHER, LAURENCE FISHBURNE, DOUG JONES, BEAU GARRETT, BRIAN POSEHN, ZACH GRENIER, DAWN CHUBAI, CHRIS GAILUS, KEVIN MCNULTY, VANESSA MINNILLO, STAN LEE and is Directed by TIM STORY. See JESSICA ALBA next in the film "GOOD LUCK CHUCK" with DANE COOK; "BILL" with TIMOTHY OLYPHANT, ELIZABETH BANKS AND AARON ECKHART; "AWAKE" with HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN, LENA OLIN, TERRENCE HOWARD AND SAM ROBARDS; "THE EYE" with PARKER POSEY, ALLESSANDRO NIVOLA and TAMLYN TOMITA; and ROBERT RODRIGUEZ and FRANK MILLER'S "SIN CITY 2" with JOHNNY DEPP, RACHEL WEISZ, ROSARIO DAWSON, CLIVE OWEN, MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN, BRITTANY MURPHY, ANTONIO BANDERAS, DEVON AOKI, MICHAEL MADSEN, DANNY TREJO, MICKEY ROURKE, JAIME KING and POWERS BOOTHE.

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