Camera Fails

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Asking someone to help take a picture for us is such a common thing to do, but sometimes its just annoying to have that person take a picture that doesn't quite meet your instagram standards. WRITTEN BY: Jin Lim:, PRODUCED WITH: Reuben W.J Kang:, Alan Lok:, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Ryan Tan of Night Owl Cinematics: FEATURING: Alan Lok: Berlin Ng Jian Hao Tan: Dee Kosh: Munah and Hirzi: Sylvia Tan: Wesley Chan: Philip Wang: David Choi: Fish: Audrey: Eden Ang: Ryan Tan: SPECIAL THANKS: S.E.A Aquarium: Marina Bay Sands SUBSCRIBE LIKE US ON FACEBOOK FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Jin Lim: Reuben Kang: WEBSITE

Channel: Malaysia News

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