8 Things I Learnt about Malaysia

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THIS IS NOT A 'FACTS' VIDEO. I would've put 'facts' in the title instead of 'things' otherwise. It does not represent Malaysia as a whole. Like I said, go watch my vlogs on my other channel, and there you can see the fun and beauty of Malaysia. 1. I went with my bf and his family who are Malay so first thing applies to traditional Malay. 2. Just because I mentioned this, doesn't mean I actually did it. When i needed the waiter, I simply raised my hand. Check out my vlogging adventures in Malaysia on Channel 2! Link to the playlist: www.youtube.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/Annchirisu TWITTER: www.facebook.com/Annchirisu CHANNEL 2: www.youtube.com/Annchirisu

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