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Kyabje Lati Rinpoche was such a convincing and powerful lama. It was very hard to say not to him. He was my guru and he use to push me to do things that I wouldn't want to nor even dream of....I was in my idyllic peaceful Monastic life in Gaden till one day he summoned me.... Last night I was on the beach in Kota Bahru (Kelantan State, East Malaysia) and decided to share about how I made my way to Malaysia back in 1992 and why. Who sent me here, why I came and my feelings. We arrived at the Beach around 5:30pm and the storm clouds had gathered already...so after talking for a short while, it started to pour (fun), then we went into a cover, but finally in the car. The cover was open on four sides so the rain was blowing in with the wind...hehehe. Couldn't finish my story under the cover....the car became the Dharma stage...hehe. Anyway it was really DHARMA ON THE MOVE last night with the storm and all...hahaha....but I did finish my story with the fury of the windy, beach storm going on outside the car....today we will be visiting some really interesting huge temples. I am looking forward to that..I saw the Temple on the internet and decided to visit and here I am...in the hotel, one hour away getting ready to go...it's tsok day so will offer tsok in the hotel then visit the temples.. Read my blog post about this: blog.tsemtulku.com Tsem Rinpoche August 8, 2011 10:55AM Read my blog post about His Eminence Kyabje Lati Rinpoche enters Clear Light: blog.tsemtulku.com ...

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