[Exclusive] Kara Interview in Malaysia

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Twitter: @partypooper101 My group pic with Kara: partypooper101.wordpress.com Got the chance to interview Kara! Although I wasn't the one asking the questions, it was still great to be in the same room with them! They look very pretty in person! Nicole was kind enough to grant my team mates and I a group photo with them. She was so sweet and she said "Stand in the middle, in front of us". I told her my favourite song of theirs is 'Missing', and she said, "Oh Thank you." And I also said that she should be on Twitter more often. LOL. which she replied, "Ah, ok!" I will be writing an article about them soon! So, come back next week to read about it! :) I'll post up the link here. I will blog about it at partypooper101.wordpress.com too! Video taken by my HTC One X. My team mate recorded it with his video cam, so his quality would be much better. :)

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