You Know What I Want

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We all know how we asians are like when it comes to making sure we get what we want when we buy stuff. But when an unsuspecting, over-enthusiastic angmoh come into the picture with our own game, do we really know what we want?? Special thanks to Will Beale for helping us out with this video! :) If you've liked this video, remember to Subscribe, Like and Share it around! It helps us alot! :) ----- You guys want free stuff and a chance to win something big? #freewhodowan and head on over to Be creative and tweet the hashtag! ----- CLICK TO TWEET THIS VIDEO: ----- CHECKOUT OUR WEBSITE!! LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! ----- FOLLOW US ON TWITTER! Bryan LYT: Raffi: Ming Y: Ming H: ----- Audio file(s) provided by

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