Chris Philipps's throw-in effort by Basket Infos There are bad throw-ins and there are spectacularly bad throw-ins. This comes in the latter category. Luxembourg are not known for their ability at set-pieces, but they are now... for all the wrong reasons. Chris Philipps made a real name for himself during the minnows' huge international friendly against Italy, rising to the relatively big stage. As the Azzurri defenders hastily retreated deep inside their own box, braced for clearing away a long throw-in, Philipps stunned everyone. The Luxembourg number six charged up off a long run before collapsing as he began his movement, tossing the ball way into the air, almost directly above himself. It was a comical moment that delighted the crowd and fans everywhere. Maybe that's why many long throw-in specialists insist on drying their hands on a towel before each attempt.

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