PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO TO HELP SAVE VICTIMS LIVES, IF THIS VIDEO CAN SAVE JUST ONE VICTIM'S LIFE, ALL OUR EFFORTS WILL BE SUCCESS! This Experiment is Dedicated to Nirbhaya - The Braveheart, Who sacrificed her Life to Wake us all up, But are we Awake, has anything changed after her Sacrifice ? Watch what happens when a Victim who is bleeding to death on the street in Public asks for HELP INDIAN PUBLIC has the LOWEST HUMANITY RATE in the WORLD to HELP their Victims.Less than 1% That is 1 out of 100 people passing by May stop to Help the Dying Victim. Nirbhaya/Damini The Braveheart Humanity Experiment Add me for New Video every week: Varun Pruthi Previous Social Experiments: watch stabbed by goons in public: watch Robbery Experiment in India:

Channel: Malaysia News

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