Passenger airliner Boeing-777 crashed in Donetsk region. The plane of the "Malaysian Airlines" was heading from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur carrying 295 people on board, 280 of whom are passengers and 15 crew members. The plane having reportedly flown at 10K metres height, crashed near Snezhnoe-Torez village. Connection with the plane was lost at around 16.00. In accordance with unconfirmed report on the board of Malasyian Airlines plane #MH17 were residents of the following countries: 157 from the Netherland 27 from Australia 23 from USA 23 from Malaysia 11 from Indonesia 6 from Great Britain 4 from Germany 4 from Belgium 3 from Philippines 1 from Canada Deep mourning and condolences to the families of those who died ... ============================================= Official International Euromaidan Public Responsibility (EMPR) Secretariat for HQ of National Resistance of Ukraine. Worldwide team searching for the truth. Join Euromaidan PR & stay with us: Google+: YouTube: Twitter EN: Twitter IT: Facebook DE: Facebook IT: Facebook FR: Facebook PT: Facebook PL: Facebook RU: Instagram: euromaidan_pr ============================================= We do appreciate Your donations for EMPR equipment and operation expences: ============================================== With credits to Original video available at =============================================== The present material selected, translated & published by EuromaidanPR team | BREAKING Boing777 Of #Malaysian Airlines w 300 400passengers Shot Down Near #Donetsk, July 17 2014 |

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