Kinki Ryusaki - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Due to popular demand, here is my response to the ALS IBC. In case you are wondering, I will not be calling anyone out. But urging people take a serious look in your local charities and not just international ones. Donation website : Hope you enjoy the video. Thank you for your continuous support. 我支持ALS慈善活动,也接受大咏的ALS冰桶挑战 我明白这个活动的意义,也不打算点名了,想要捐钱的朋友们可以直接点击以下网站,希望大家也可以支持本地的慈善机构,不仅仅是国际慈善机构,本地也有很多需要帮助的人。 感谢你们的支持,谢谢。

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