I am taking the challenge of ALS Ice Bucket from America and China, glad be able to bring awareness to this cause to help those less fortunate. I Nominating Jodie Foster, Richard Gere, and Directer Ang Lee to take the challenge. Thank you! The girl who dump water on me, for some reason, she tortured me, she just so slowly little by litter dumping the ice water on me, it is So cold, and the slower she goes, the cold it is, we all yelling at her, just do it, do it dump the water, but she still just won't do it, I was like…its a cold cold ice water torture, thats is why we have the surprise in the end… so crazy and funny :)))))))) 我接受ALS冰桶挑战,很高兴能够帮助那些需要帮助的朋友. 我在美国的洛杉矶海边挑战胡军, 秦昊,和李安导演, 给我到冰桶的女孩不知为什么一点一滴慢慢的到冻死我了,像在慢慢幽幽的折磨我,所以你会看到后面的惊奇哈哈太离奇了。

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