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How fast can you peel a pineapple? Pineapple seller in Bankerohan market Davao City. Peeling time approx. 50 seconds. They Do This In Davao and Other Parts of Mindanao too. ______Support______ Subscribe: FaceBook: _____Tags__________ Philippine pineapple for good health   A pineapple seller at the Bankerohan market in Davao City, Philippines, demonstrates an easy way to get all the fruit out of a pineapple in under a minute. The quick cuts and slices are so amazing, the seller doesn't even have to remove the whole peel. Pineapples are some of the most interesting-looking fruits in the market, but even so, many of us are still too afraid to purchase them. We think to ourselves, "Yes, it's beautiful, but how the heck do I open one up?" This guy is like a real-life fruit ninja. instead of using broad sword-strokes intended to decimate the fruit, our hero, who has the deft precision of a surgeon, uses a series of carefully considered quick cuts to transform this pineapple into finger food. If only we could all cut pineapple like this -- and not accidentally cut our hands off in the process. Pineapple panache for the dishes ______清潔で簡単パイナップルを剥離する______PEELING un ananas propre et facile______ ____MEDIA____ Pineapples are best eaten fresh, but peeling and cutting one can seem like a daunting task compared to most fruit. The best tasting parts are on the very edge, so getting the cut right is important. _____UPDATES_____ For all those contacting me for Re-using the video JUST use it, you can share his skills. no problem!! Also people please keep the comment section Civilized, or ill ban it.

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