Spoiler Alert: It’s on purpose. What’s YOUR best Starbucks story? Let me know in the comments and I’ll feature my favorites in an upcoming video! Let's talk on Twitter: http://twitter.com/impaulgale Instagram: http://instagram.com/impaulgale Facebook: http://facebook.com/paulgalecomedy MORE VIDEOS The Truth About Being Single http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmE4NU4ljUg Her Parody (ft. "Seth Rogen") http://bit.ly/herparody Based on an article by John Purcell [http://johnpurcellcomedy.com] Originally posted on the awesome humor tumblr Hot Hot Phone: http://bit.ly/starbucksarticle Agitators is a series about people who love to commit small acts of evil. Director/DP/Co-Editor: T.J. Misny [http://tjmisny.com] Starring, Produced, and Adapted by Paul Gale [http://twitter.com/impaulgale] Gessika: Akilah Hughes [http://youtube.com/smoothiefreak] Nykal: Alfred Rosenblatt Soozee: Ali Vingiano [http://twitter.com/alivingiano] Barista #2: Lauren Ireland [http://www.lauren-Ireland.com] Valluru: V.B. Rao Nykal’s Wife: Mimi Fischer Patrons: JuzDin Chuson [http://bit.ly/JuzDinYouTube], Kimberly Dolcin, Willola M. Ashley, Brian Higgs, John Ortega, Rhonda & Jan Gale, and Diana Kris. AD: Ted Schaefer 1st ACs: Chris Ungco + Alex Purifoy 2nd AC: Jay Parks Gaffer: Brian McCann Key Grip: Gordon Christmas Sound Recordists: Max Futterman + Sascha Larco Sound Design: Hunter Berk Animation: Josh “Skull” Dixon PA: Hannah Caggiano Makeup: Aigner Smith Colorist: T.J. Misny Location: Bean & Bean Special Thanks: Rhonda & Jan Gale, Mel Gibbon, Handheld Films, Arri, Jenny & Joseph from Bean & Bean, MTV, Chris Chan Roberson, BuzzCo Animation, and Ed Mundy. Shot on an Arri Alexa with Cooke 5/i Lenses.

Channel: Malaysia News

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