You wont' believe this weird sea 'monster' that baffled fishermen See the weird sea creature that baffled fishermen who caught it off Singapore Coast Alien' sea creature with 100 arms found by fisherman moves like something out of your nightmares This bizarre-looking 'alien' creature was caught by a deep sea fisherman in Singapore. Ong Han Boon, 54, was at his favourite fishing spot on the island of Sentosa where he cast his line with the hope of catching a fresh tasty treat for lunch. As he settled down with a few cans of his favourite beer, he noticed a pull, but he never expected what came up out of the sea. He said: "I spotted the line going up and down, and feeling a bit peckish I got quite excited as I hauled it in. "But when I pulled it out of the water I was completely flummoxed by what I was looking at." #ixzz3G7FtUgVR" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> Follow us: @DailyMirror on Twitter | DailyMirror on Facebook

Channel: Malaysia News

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