QC#32 - Tuna Torch

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A can of tuna and a piece of paper towel form a makeshift oil-lamp that burns for 2-3 hours. Bonus: You can still eat the Tuna afterward. Subscribe for new videos every 5 days! http://bit.ly/TKoRSubscribe Join my email list! http://bit.ly/TKOREmailList For other project videos, check out http://www.thekingofrandom.com "Quick Clips" are clips of random experiments in a minute or less. For other project videos, check out http://www.thekingofrandom.com Music by Jason Shaw (RP-Clattertrap) http://www.audionautix.com Project inspired by: "Tuna Can Oil Lamp" http://bit.ly/IBTunaCandle If you check it out, please leave them a comment that Grant Thompson sent you :) Thanks!! WARNING: An open flame poses a fire hazard. Do not use near any flammable or explosive material. Use caution and common sense if you attempt yourself. Use of this video content is at your own risk. In early 2013, I had been playing around with making oil lamps with vegetable oil, and that led to making the original "Butter Candle" video which you can see here: http://bit.ly/ButterCandle Since then, I've played with loads of ideas using vegetable oil, including the clementine candle, sun dried tomatoes in oil, and tuna in oil. I wanted to test the tuna method because it's something many people could try around the house, and I wanted to see how long it would last. My experience was 2-3 hours between testing 3 different cans. I like this idea because you can utilize the light and heat energy from the oil, and still eat the tuna afterward, so it's another good thing to know in times of emergencies.

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