Heartbreaking video of father singing 'Blackbird' to comfort dying baby son after wife died in childbirth goes viral While inside his mum's tummy, Lennon James Pico would often move to music, so father Chris spent his final hours giving him an emotional send off Little Lennon James Pico was given a heartbreaking bedside serenade by his father hours after his mother passed away during childbirth. Before he was born, the tiny newborn would often move to music and kick his mum Ashley's tummy whenever a catchy beat was played. Tragically, Ashley died hours after being rushed into hospital to give birth via an emergency C-section last Saturday. So when tiny Lennon was born at 26 weeks, father Chris brought his guitar into hospital to try and lift his spirits. Ashley Picco Memorial Fund VIEW GALLERY Chris sat next to poorly Lennon's incubator and strummed some of his favourite songs, and the pair were able to share a poignant few hours as father and son. Sadly, Lennon passed away the next day in his father's arms. The clip, showing Chris playing the Beatles song, which was was written by Paul McCartney, and credited to Lennon–McCartney, was filmed via a mobile phone and uploaded to YouTube yesterday, where it has since gone viral with 200,000 views. A memorial website was set up to remember Ashley, a former nurse from Lorna Linda, California, who was 30 years old when she died. Ashley Picco Memorial FundAshley Picco Memorial FundHeartbreaking: Chris kisses tiny Lennon born at 26 weeks Her family wrote: "Our dear Ashley’s life was tragically, devastatingly cut short this past weekend. Her dear baby flickered briefly for a few days after. "But her song continues, the harmony enriching our lives, still, to be continued until in the Heavenly Kingdom, when we will all sing the Song of Moses and the Lamb. "And Lennon James will add his sweet voice to the family reunion on Resurrection day, as daddy Chris joins in the most precious of all songs he sang in his life, and all the praying friends and family will join in lifting their Hallelujahs for eternity."

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