Anaconda man Paul Rosolie's documentary Eaten Alive airs in US on Discovery ... See an Anaconda devour a man alive in Discovery documentary scenes Eaten Alive: Naturalist swallowed by snake The moment a man was 'eaten alive' by a snake for a TV stunt - but daredevil ... 'Eaten Alive': Here's What Happens When a Man Gets Swallowed by a Giant ... about that guy getting 'Eaten Alive' by a snake... His anaconda don't want none: Internet outraged over 'Eaten Alive' bust TV Review: 'Eaten Alive' Discovery Channel Premieres All-New Special EATEN ALIVE Tonight Meet the man who was (maybe) devoured by an anaconda John Doyle: Is Eaten Alive human stupidity or worthwhile experiment? Paul Rosolie paul rosolie gowri paul rosolie mongabay paul rosolie tamanduajungle paul rosolie wiki amazon jungle anaconda peruvian amazonia Eaten Alive | Discovery Eaten Alive | Discovery Eaten Alive | Discovery Eaten Alive | Discovery 'Eaten Alive': Paul Rosolie describes the 'absolutely terrifying Eaten Alive's Paul Rosolie: The Snake Is 'Absolutely Fine Paul Rosolie (@PaulRosolie) | Twitter Paul Rosolie 'Eaten Alive' — Man Fed To Anaconda Anaconda man Paul Rosolie's documentary Eaten Alive airs in US on Discovery Channel A twenty-foot anaconda, one of the greatest predators on the planet, has me in its grasp. It's impossible to describe the power -- and the overwhelming primal fear -- as coils as thick as my waist tighten around me from beneath the water's surface. Scales race over my skin in the cold black of the water. My bones flex under the weight of the crush. I sink deeper. There's nothing I can do but wait for the inevitable snapping of bones and loss of consciousness. Two weeks before I found myself in the death grips of this anaconda, I was returning from a field stint in the remote jungles of Peru to the city of Puerto Maldonado, a jungle town in Southeastern Peru's Madre De Dios -- the area I wrote about in my book, Mother of God: An Extraordinary Journey into the Uncharted Tributaries of the Western Amazon (2014). Nestled in the shadow of the Andes Mountains, this region serves as the southern headwaters of the Amazon River and boasts the largest intact rainforest on the planet. It contains more species of flora and fauna than anywhere else on earth, and much of the life that exists there is yet unknown to science. In 2012 researchers from Conservation International discovered 365 new species in a single study area. New species are popping up every year. One-third of the world's birds live in this region, and there are more reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, and trees here than anywhere else on the planet. Eaten Alive, Paul Rosolie, Mother of God, Anaconda, Anacondas, Snakes, Giant Snakes, Amazon, Rainforest, Green News Reality-Tv, Video, Eaten Alive TV Show, Eaten Alive, Eaten Alive Discovery, Discovery Eaten Alive, Eaten Alive Show, Eaten by an Anaconda, Anaconda, Anaconda Eaten Alive, Eaten Alive by a Snake, Green News

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