Rabbit Mac's Official Statement

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What happened... Approximately at 4.00am, Sunday 8th of February 2015, several PU4LYF members including newly signed Havoc Brothers and founder Rabbit Mac were present at the Thaipusam sales booth in Batu Caves. A group of 40 unidentified men, mostly youngsters tried picking a fight with Havoc Brothers. They started hitting the brothers and abused them verbally. Rabbit Mac then tried to disperse the commotion. At that moment, one of the unidentified men pushed Rabbit Mac and started hitting him with his bare hands and was joined by almost 15-20 more others from the same unidentified group. Rabbit Mac suffered from small bruises on his face, and a sprained right hand from the ordeal. He is recovering well at the moment. This is what happened. Strangers, somewhat fans, with no motive, no weapons, just pure bullying. Why? Because they can. Because they were in a large group. The PSYCHO.unit family is deeply saddened by what happened and it shatters us to know that this happened for no particular reason. Furthermore, the unidentified group consisted of indians and took place at the temple's compound. We would like plead to the fans and public not to further spread rumours regarding this incident. It has passed and we are looking forward to do what we do best; music. And for the youngsters who are trying to indulge themselves into doing something irresponsible like this, please think twice before hurting someone. Eveything is funny and irrelevant until it happens to you. Be responsible and respect each other. Thank you. PSYCHO.unit Family.

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