FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK - ************ ▶ Motorcyclist Crashes Into Brown Bear At 87mph - ▶ Former NFL player Hernandez indicted on murder - ▶ Huge Wave Crashes Into Wall: Over 30 Hurt - ▶ British women accused of drug trafficking moved to new prison - ▶ Topless motorcycle rider busted after crash - ▶ CCTV: Pit bull trashed into dumpster - ▶ Beaver Bites Man To Death - ▶ David Beckham's new loungewear campaign revealed - ▶SHOCKING moment raging angry bull runs at cars - ▶Bull attacks Spanish crowd during famous race in Calp - ▶ Epic fail as robbery attempt goes disastrously wrong in Brazil - ▶ Couple point gun at Dunkin' Donuts employee for getting coffee order wrong - ▶ City bus driver beats passenger with keys [RAW] - ************ Russian Navy Hovercraft Lands On Busy Beach Hundreds of sunbathers have their day at the seaside interrupted by a 60-metre hovercraft when it lands unexpectedly on a beach. A huge military hovercraft has made an unexpected landing on a packed beach in Russia. Hundreds of people were sunbathing on the beach when the vessel powered towards them. No one was injured, although witnesses said beachgoers were surrounded by paratroopers and asked to move on. A spokesman for the Russian defence ministry told local newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda that the hovercraft was on a tactical mission in an area owned by the military. "Docking at the beach ... is a normal event," a spokesman was quoted as saying. "What people were doing at the beach on the territory of a military (base) is unclear." However, the newspaper said the base the ministry was referring to was in Khmelevka, several kilometres away. The hovercraft is believed to have been one of the Russian Navy's Zubr-type crafts, which are built in St Petersburg and can travel at speeds of up to 60 knots (110kmh, 68mph). They weigh around 550 tonnes and measure nearly 60 metres in length. The vessels carry up to 500 troops and can be fitted with missile launchers, automatic gun mounts and equipment to lay mines. Десантный корабль Зубр на пляже Russian landing ship Zubr Navy Hovercraft Lands On Busy Beach Russian Military Hovercraft Lands on Crowded beach | Close Up + HQ Десантный корабль "Зубр" выплыл на пляж - Russian Military Hovercraft Lands

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