How To Make A Horror Movie

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As people who are absolutely terrified by horror movies, we thought we'd try to make one ourselves. Or at least, how we think horror movies are made. Click to tweet this video: SUBSCRIBE, LIKE AND SHARE! It helps out alot! :) Special thanks to: Dennis Yin ( Sze Yun Sze Yin Daniel Tan Alyssa J. Yeoh ------ Soundtracking by: Nick Davis ( Make Up & Gaffing by: Qikit ( Produced & Sound by: Bryan Lim Production Assistance by: Jean Chu Videography by: Raffi Thng Written & Directed by: Ming H. ------ LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! FOLLOW US ON TWITTER! Bryan LYT: Raffi: Ming Y: Ming H: Audio file(s) provided by

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