You've probably never heard of i-Mobile and who could blame you, Thailand is not exactly at the forefront of smartphone innovation. The i-Mobile IQ XA however, is one phone that caught us completely by surprise! Watch on to find out why the IQ XA by i-Mobile is possibly one of the best phones you've never heard of and are likely never to hear about. --- Starring Pang - Never Been To Soi Cowboy (@typang14) Guest starring Sagat Horatio Caine Hipster Ariel An Elephant Some Durian Awesome Tom Yam --- Links Companion Article: Earlier Articles: --- Find Us Here! Facebook: Twitter: Website: -- Tags i-Mobile,iMobile,i mobile,Thailand,IQ XA,IQXA,i-Mobile IQ XA,iMobile IQXA,Review,IQ XQ Review,i-Mobile IQXA review,Preview,Hands-On,Hands On,Malaysia,Lowyat,Lowyat.NET,Lowyat.TV,Honest Review,Pang,8MP Front Camera,Sheep,Stock Android,Awesome Phone,Mobile Phone,Budget Smartphone,Smartphone,Android (Software) ---

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