Quotes from yuna old myspace - 'Yes, I went for OIAM season 1 audition (dah lama sangat dah ni) and I was accepted into Top 80, then I got into Top 40 and then I didn't get through the Top 20. The judges supported me through out my days joining the OIAM team and I had fun, i was not rejected by the judges because of my image. They were actually very nice to me and very supportive of me through out the show. The crew pun baik sangat. I didn't get through because I was not good enough as a singer, and the Top 20 contestants that the judges picked were REALLY GOOD and well deserved. Itu je. =)' ========================================== Old video during earliest career of yunalis zarai a.k.a yuna at one in a million audition season one 2006, however she made it till top 40 only, fans starting knowing yuna after her song dan sebenarnya hitz on radio follow twitter @yunamusic @yunaroomrecords @yunanews @ksmyofficial

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