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The "KEMBARA" version of Pete Teo's HARI MALAYSIA (Malaysia Day) music video. The song is written and produced by Pete Teo (Malay Lyrics: Amran Omar & Pete Teo) and performed by singer Asmidar. The video was released to commemorate the 50th year of the formation of Malaysia on 16th September 2013. Made from archive news footage shot on 31st August 1957 (Independence of Malaya) and 16th September 1963 (Formation of Malaysia), the video features extracts from the Declaration Of Independence speech by Tunku Adbul Rahman as well as scenes from around the country on those two days. Additionally, modern Malaysian personalities including politicians, business people, artists and sports people were inserted into these footage through visual effects technology. The English version of this video features the song "SLIPSTREAM" sung by Melina William. The video can be found here: http://youtu.be/JOUOsU6HypQ Please visit the project website at http://www.harimalaysia.com for multi-lingual information about these videos and useful links to resources on Tunku Abdul Rahman. These songs are distributed online by Warner Music Malaysia and are available for download sale on iTUNES and other music portals. Just search the song name. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe to this channel.

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